Friday, April 14, 2006

Getting things done

So I wouldn't feel totally embarrassed if someone were to walk into the house right now. What we have inside is mostly unpacked and put away. We still have quite a bit out in the garage to go through, not to mention about 4 loads of things back at the other house. But things are quite livable here. The wireless network is finally up and running (thanks to Geek Squad). We had to use a range extender in order for the kids' computer to connect to the network. It took Mr. Geek Squad nearly 2 hours, so it wasn't a simple, straightforward thing. Made me feel better about not being able to do it myself!

The landlords have a landscaping team here working on the backyard. They are putting in a large patio in back and on the sides of the house. So for approximately the next 2 weeks, we have to take Campbell outside on a leash in the front yard. It's not as convenient as opening the back door, but loads more convenient than the 2 months we spent in the 3rd-floor apartment last year!

We finally had our interview with the principal of the Christian school on Tuesday of this week. It seemed to be a mere formality. Emily has been accepted and will start there in the fall. She gets to take SATs with the current students in a couple of weeks. {You know she's looking forward to that.}

Last note: Anyone else planning on going to see The Wild? The previews make it look somewhat like a Madagascar wannabe... I suppose we'll see. I'm loathe to think that Disney would ever deliberately steal someone else's idea. The kids and I will probably go later today.

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Mellie Helen said...

Interesting note is that the major retail chains (TRU, etc) have passed on being the exclusive retailers for "Wild" plush and merchandise. Which doesn't make the movie sound like it's expected to be a huge winner. So? Your review? How was "The Wild?"

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