Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Life's a puzzle

I mean that literally. We're going through a puzzle phase in our home right now. I picked up a cute Mary Engelbreit puzzle Saturday when Halle and I were out shopping. We didn't start work on it until yesterday, but managed to get the border done and several inside details. (Still a long way to go to finish it, though.) This got the kids interested in working some of their puzzles and longing for some new ones. So today after school and a Family Fun Center clubhouse play session, we stopped in at Target to pick out some new puzzles. Noah and Halle both opted for 100-pc puzzles. Halle's had slightly larger pieces than Noah's and was a Hello Kitty picture. Noah chose a Batman Begins theme. Joel got a 24-pc. Harry Potter jigsaw. Everyone finished their puzzles tonight (except me, of course). I stayed out of their way as much as possible, only helping if they got really stumped. Thankfully, Joel is enjoying taking his apart and redoing it. The other two want to glue theirs together and hang them in their rooms. Guess that is one more thing to add to the todo list.

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