Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rainy days and Mondays

We're on our second day of rain... our back yard is turning into a lake. During a brief lull in the rain this afternoon, the kids went out and stomped around in the large puddle that makes up half of our patio (when I say large, I mean large.... a good 15-20 feet long!). We didn't let the rain get us down, though. To celebrate Brian's homecoming, we had a good homecooked meal and then went to see Eight Below. Oh. My. Word. I wasn't expecting to like this movie as much as I did. It was really good. Word of warning for the emotionally sensitive: bring as much Kleenex as you can comfortably carry. Concession stand napkins will do in a pinch, but then you have to watch out for splinters. Just consider yourself warned. You will be drawn into this movie and it will be hard to forget. Even on the ride home, I was still wiping my eyes.

The movie is rated a very mild PG. I had to check out my newest online source for family entertainment research, Family Media Guide, to figure out just why it got a PG rating. (I think this is going to be one I stick with... it's better than ScreenIt.) The language was mild... 4 h*lls, 1 d*mn, and 2 uses of God (not in combination with another word). I think the main reason for the rating was for some of the intense moments, when the lives of humans and/or dogs was at stake.

One last comment about the movie: the scenery is breathtaking. I'm not much into cold and snow, but after seeing this movie, I wonder if we shouldn't do an Alaska trip sometime.


drjimwhite said...

What do you mean you aren't into cold and snow. What do you think Omaha, Nebraska is? By the way, it's supposed to be 68 today. They're replacing the carpet in our offices here, so I'm going golfing with Mike Eudy. Take care!!


Sandy said...

Ok, you hooked me! We'll have to go see it, or at least be sure to rent it... John and I had wanted to take the kids to see the new Tim Allen movie (can't remember what it's called... where he turns into a dog) because I always laugh at the previews... maybe this doesn't say much for my sense of humor...anyway, we're always on the lookout for a good family film, so thanks for the review!

DJG said...

I can't do sad movies.....thanks for the warning

Dana said...

Oh man, I was going to see this movie with my son for his bday. He chose Pink Panther instead. BLAH! I would have rather driven home teary eyed than wondering WHY I spent money on such a lame movie!

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