Thursday, March 23, 2006

Let the sun shine

What a beautiful day we've had today! Temperature in the low 60s and lots of sun. Sure beats the rain we've been having. There's a chance for more rain this weekend, but for now, I'll enjoy the sun. Just a couple more months, and we won't be seeing any rain for quite some time!

We're taking advantage of the weather to grill out tonight. A little later on, I'll be headed to a neighbor's house for a book group, where we'll be discussing Dinner With a Perfect Stranger. As this was my suggestion for the group, I don't want to miss this meeting (I haven't been able to make it to any of the other ones.)

I had to drive up to the Christian school today to drop off some more papers they wanted, then to the base to pick up a few groceries. I sure am looking forward to our move. We'll be so much closer to both of those places. We'll start moving thing over in a week or so. Whether we complete the move in April or not will depend on whether our current landlords will release us from the last month of our lease or not. It turns out that when we signed the lease, it was actually for 13 months rather than 12. So we're hoping our landlords will be generous and let us out of that last month. If not... well, we'll just pay 2 rents for 2 months instead of 1. Ouch.


jettybetty said...

That looks like a great book! I will never be able to keep up with you--you read too fast!

I do hope you have nice landlord!

Will your closest airport be Oakland?

DJG said...

I've always thought it would be fun to be part of a book group. Is that book good?

Rick J said...

We had great weather as well. Got up to 70 or so today... I even had the front door open for a couple of hours today. Looking forward to more days like that!!

Thumper said...

Ugh. We got hit with the double rent whammy when we moved because the apartment complex wanted 60 days notice instead of the usual 30. We gave notice at 45 days, thinking we were covered... wound up paying double rent from mid October through the end of November.

Living closer to the base (bot not TOO close) is nice...if for no other reason than the duck pond is nice to walk around!

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