Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just the bullets

Yeah, it's been a few days again. Here's a recap of life since the last post in bullets:

  • Brian stayed home from church Sunday with a queasy stomach. He was mostly recovered by that evening, but said he was hit with extreme fatigue Monday afternoon.
  • I spent Monday and Tuesday being sick (no nausea, just an intestinal thing). Didn't keep me from getting school done with the kids, though. It was one of those things that didn't knock me down until late afternoon, when I started spiking a fever. Where's a good old-fashioned sick day when you need one?
  • Joel was worried about me Monday night and drew me a picture on his MagnaDoodle. He was a bit tearful and wanted me to feel better soon. (I guess this gives you some idea of how often I get sick.)
  • In spite of it all, I even ran errands on Tuesday (returning movies, going to post office, etc.)
  • Managed to get school done with the kids yesterday AND squeeze in a trip to the commissary, not realizing until I was halfway there that it was payday (typically a horrible time to set foot on base). Amazingly enough, I got a good parking space and was able to walk straight to a cashier without waiting in line to check out.

Today's bullets:

  • Today is Brian's birthday. For the next 3 months, we're the same age. Then I get to be the older woman again.
  • We will be looking at a potential rental house at noon today.
  • Dinner to celebrate his birthday at Benihana tonight.


jettybetty said...

From my experience--moms don't get sick days! Sounds like you are better and I am thankful.

I am 5+ older months than PH--so we are only the same age about half the year.

Still praying about the house...

Have fun at Benihana's! I love that place!

Thumper said...

Happy birthday to Brian!

And the commissary on payday...ouch. We went the day before and it was practicaly empty ;) Plus, we ran into Brian outside the BX. Aside from the $300 tab at the end of grocery shopping, was a nice base visit...

sallyrogers said...

Love Benihana! Happened on your blog via Blue Sloth. Hope everyone is on the mend now.

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