Saturday, March 04, 2006

Taking it on the road

The family and I just got back a little while ago from being up in Sacramento at the Cordova Church of Christ. The folks there are hosting a Spiritual Training Seminar this weekend, and a few of us from Eastside are participating. Rick and Jarrod are both leading class sessions tomorrow, and Rick is also leading the worship. We've assembled an 8-person praise team consisting of 2 sopranos and 1 alto (me) from Eastside, and 2 basses, 2 tenors, and 1 alto from Cordova. It was neat getting together with people we'd never met before and joining our voices in praise. It was even neater afterwards, when the sound techs played back a recording of the evening worship so we could hear it all blended together.

We'll be driving back up in the morning for the rest of the seminar. The praise team will be singing to start the day and to close it out. I'm really looking forward to it.


Rick J said...

And the CD was actually pretty good, eh?!?

Philip said...

Perhaps you could post an excerpt as an audio here? Would love to hear some or all of it.

crafty_carolina_mama said...

How wonderful to be able to spread joy to others through song. I would love to hear something.:) Michele sent me today.

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