Monday, January 02, 2006

Just another New Year's Day

Except this one was on a Sunday. Staying up to see the new year in made it a little harder to get up and get going this morning, but we all still managed to get ready and make it to Sunday School on time (early, even). Next time NYE is on a Saturday, I think I'll take someone's suggestion and celebrate on New York City time.

Brian and I got the tree taken down and all the ornaments put away today. The spot where the tree was looks a little bare, but I'm sure the kids will find a way to fill it with some of their stuff soon. Tomorrow is his last day off before going back to work. We've all enjoyed having him around. Hopefully we can do something fun together tomorrow to take advantage of his last day of freedom.

Oh, and for those who have wondered how we're fairing with the rain.... the closest flooding so far has been up in Napa. That standing water I mentioned on the patio was the worst thing I saw nearby. It's pretty much gone now. There was also some flooding east of us that actually closed down one side of the interstate for a good part of the day and evening yesterday (Saturday). Good thing it didn't happen Friday, or we would have been stuck up in Sacramento, and the dog would have had yellow eyeballs by the time we made it home! We were gone 12 hours as it was, and he was quite happy to see us.

Sure wish we could send some of this moisture to Oklahoma and Texas.


Carrie said...

Happy New Year, Karen!

Sheilah said...

Happy New Year Karen!

WendyWings said...

Happy New Year,my tree is still up

Sue said...

Hi Karen,
I just started a new blog and
popped over from Mrs. Darling's site. Saw your link there. I suspect from your entry that we may be in the same part of CA.
Stop by my site and say hi if you get the chance.

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