Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back from blog hooky

Yeah, I've played hooky from blogging the past few days. Nothing really all that bloggable going on, anyway. We're trying to get back into some kind of routine with school, chores, housework, etc., and it's a slow start. But I have hope.

The massive rains caused ants to seek refuge in Emily's room, necessitating some insecticide, followed by a major cleanup in there. Brian did the majority of the work. I don't think her room ever looked as good as it does now. I'm hoping it'll stay that way for a while.... but I'm not holding my breath! Now we just need to overhaul the other kids' rooms. They've all managed to trash them totally.


Tonight we had a great praise team rehearsal. I'm looking forward to Sunday. It should be another awesome worship service. We'll be remembering how God worked in our church family's life in 2005. I think the songs will really help direct people's hearts toward Him.


If you're still awake, bless you... maybe tomorrow I'll have something a little more caffeinated to say.


Rick J said...

When Jennifer was a teen at home, her room was totally a wreck most of the time. I used to tease her that we didn't need carpet in her room because we couldn't see it anyway for all the clothes on the floor. Well, as an adult she if vastly different about such things... not a "neat freak" by any means, but good about keeping a place looking nice. Once when we were visiting her a few years back (when she was still at Cal Tech working on her PhD in math), we were sleeping on a blowup mattress in the living room of her apartment, and we had spread out our stuff all over. She asked us if we could "please" put our stuff away and take our suitcases to her room each morning. :-)

Mellie Helen said...

Ants -- aaack. There are other "home intruders" which are worse, but ants are just flat-out irritating. We (meaning, of course, "I") haven't yet taken down our Christmas decorations; that'll be this weekend. My mom always liked to leave things up until "little Christmas", which is, I think, Jan. 12th -- too long, imho. After all the hubbub of the holidays, it feels good to get back into a regular schedule!

Thumper said...

The ants come marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah....

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