Saturday, January 14, 2006

I've been Hoodwinked

Well, not really. We just took the kids to see the new movie Hoodwinked tonight. It was a very cute movie. Not very long... just a bit over an hour. But it was fun. Basically, it's the Red Riding Hood story, with a twist, told from 4 different viewpoints. The animation reminded me a lot of some of the Nickelodeon stuff, like Jimmy Neutron. The voice characterizations were great. Not sure if it is DVD library material or not.... we'll have to wait and see. Now what I really wanted to see tonight was Last Holiday, but that isn't one the younger kids really have too much interest in. Hopefully I'll be able to catch it soon. I'm starting to get a kick out of Queen Latifah's movies.

After we got home, I was able to catch the 20/20 segment on public education. Stupid in America was the title, and while it seems rather harsh... I couldn't disagree with a lot of what was said by critics of the current government education system. I realize John Stossel went in with the intent to criticize the system, so I know it wasn't an impartial report (is anything reported in the media ever truly unbiased?), but a lot of what was brought to light were things you really couldn't argue about (the education monopoly, unions, lack of choice). I kept wishing he would interview John Taylor Gatto. If you're not familiar with this guy, he is a former 3-time NY CityTeacher of the Year who has written several books on education and the need for reform. You can spend a long time reading the stuff at his website.... things that make you go "Hmmmmm."


Ivy said...

I want to see Last Holiday as well..

Our school systems leave alot to be desired. I wish I had caught that episode..

Ivy said...

oh yeah!..

Michele sent me..Sorry i forgot..

Dak-Ind said...


i want to see hoodwinked, but my young son isnt old enough and my older son thinks he is too old. i also want to see last holiday. it looks very cute. lately the Queen's movies have been great.

about the education system... /agree. its amazingly bad, and getting worse everday. i know why so many choose homeschooling.

michele sent me

Mama B said...

I would love to see Last Holiday. Here via Michele.

Donna Boucher said...

I watched Stupid in America last night too! My mouth was agape most of the show!!!

It all makes me so sad! I hate waste! Waste of money...potential...time!!!


I thought it was very interesting that J.S. didn't mention homeschooling once!

ribbiticus said...

i hope hoodwinked gets to our shores soon! can't wait! michele sent me today. :)

Suburban Turmoil said...

Lotta things to think about.... Love your blog. I'll be back!

Michele sent me.

Baby & Mom blog said...

blogsurfing and found your soon to be 5 yr old wants to see that movie..sounds cute...and I wanted to see the school show too but missed it. We are planning on homeschooling our two boys...

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