Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Feelin' scrappy!

I got *2* whole scrapbook pages done this afternoon! That may not sound like much, but considering I had to sort 135 pictures and get the pages laid out, in addition to learning how to use all of my friend Kami's neato Creative Memories tools, it isn't a bad start. Can you say "Christmas list"? I will be making one very soon!! Now I have great incentive to get the "someday" craft room in the basement cleaned up so I can work in there. Kami and I are going to schedule another work day soon.

We got our tree up tonight and all the ornaments put on. I have a feeling we will need 2 trees soon. We are running out of room. We get anywhere from 6-10 new ornaments a year; with the minimum number, we are looking at another 60 ornaments in 1o years; my youngest will only be 14 then!

Funny of the day: My 4-year-old was eating a hamburger at the dining room table this afternoon while I was in here talking on the phone and reading email (nothing like multi-tasking!). He came in and told me, "You need to ground Campbell (our fox terrier) from his presents because he ate my hamburger!" Joel had left it at the edge of the table and gone into the family room to look at something on TV. The presents he is referring to are the toys I mentioned buying the dog at PetSmart yesterday. Whaddya think? Will it make a difference if I tell Campbell Santa won't bring him any toys this year??


Michelle said...

Thanks for the positive feedback on my blog! I too am addicted to scrapbooking! You don't see too many people mention that on BE! Now the question is: "Which one is more addicting?"

stefani said...

I think that 2 pages in an afternoon is a great acomplishment. I am lucky to even do half a page on a day as I scrap so slow. LOL!

Karen said...

Just testing something.

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