Saturday, November 27, 2004

Home improvement

OK, so we have to sell our house in about 6 months, right? One thing we have to do before moving is paint. I'm talking just about every room in the house (which is almost 3500 finished square feet). We know a painter who will do it and will probably even be able to get to it some time in December. Problem: we want to put up the Christmas tree soon (say, yesterday). So my husband decides we will paint the room where the Christmas tree goes. Did I mention I don't enjoy painting? It has turned into an all-day affair. So far, the taping has been done, as has the cutting in, plus maybe a 4 ft. section of wall. Makes me so glad we aren't doing the whole house ourselves. I would need to just take the kids and go visit someone while my husband did it himself.

Know anyone moving to Omaha in about 6 months who needs a big house?

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