Monday, November 29, 2004

Too much stuff to do

After all the hubbub this weekend, there is so much to get done today. The dog is almost out of dog food, so I have to go to PetSmart for that. And I have to get school done with the kids... Somewhere in all that I need to get laundry folded and put away. Then the kids have taekwondo tonight. I haven't figured out what's for dinner yet, so that is also a must. Hopefully my husband will actually be home to eat it. He is on call at the hospital tonight (he's a nurse anesthetist) so there is no telling when or if he will be home. If he does come home tonight, the kids will want to put up the tree. I don't know if he'll want to do that before he fixes the messed up spot near the ceiling; that spot isn't near where the tree will be, so hopefully he will go for decorating the tree and save the paint spot for Tuesday.

I don't even want to think about the rest of the week. The kids have a choir concert Friday night. They have their usual Tuesday afternoon rehearsal plus an additional one on Thursday afternoon. Sandwiched in between that, my almost 9yo and my 6yo have bowling Wednesday afternoon. Thursday evening is Cub Scouts; dh is my 9yo's den leader and I am the pack committee chairman. It is pack rechartering time and I will be handing in the charter this week (ACCKK... I just realized I don't have the check to pay our recharter fees! Note to self: Need to call the pack treasurer about that.) I also need to try to work in some scrapbooking time with my Creative Memories consultant on Tuesday. I finally uploaded 135 digital photos from my hard drive to Sam's Photo Club and got them printed out late last week so I can get our cruise vacation from last December scrapbooked. It will be the first scrapbooking I have done since just putting my oldest's baby pictures in an album with notecard captions underneath almost 13 years ago. I need to do this!

Last, but not least, there is the perpetual uncluttering to do. It is so hard with 4 kids here all the time. I get one thing taken care of and move on to the next, and then turn around and the first thing is undone again. I keep telling my husband we will have to farm the kids out if we want to get the house in showing condition and keep it that way. Breathe in, breathe out.... OK, no stress here.

Time to accomplish something around here!

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