Sunday, November 28, 2004


It took a lot longer to get the room done today than we thought it would. To top it off, we have one 18" long section up at the ceiling line where the paint came off when my husband took the tape off the ceiling. He will have to reprime it and repaint it tomorrow (after going back to the store for more paint). Trading Spaces makes it look so easy. It's not! This is why I like to hire people to do this kind of stuff.

We did get the furniture all put back into place and with any luck will be able to get the tree up and decorated tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then Tuesday. Hubby has the day off of work that day.

Oh, the white stuff is still coming down. Now "they" say we could have up to 8 inches by tomorrow. I'm not sure how much is out there now; I doubt more than 4 or so inches. Plenty for the kids and the dog to have fun in.

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