Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday morning musings

Where did the weekend go? From Friday to Sunday, we had something going on all the time, it seems.

  • Friday morning, we got together with the base homeschool group for "PE." We met up at the youth center, which let us use the gym for activities with the kids. Some of the older boys played half-court basketball, while a couple of moms wrangled younger ones into some indoor tball and kickball games. Joel especially loved the kickball. After tiring of basketball, the big boys headed to the racquetball courts; Noah wanted to give that a try, so he and I hit the ball around a little bit. It's been over 20 years since I've played racquetball, so that definitely put us on equal footing!
  • After PE, we went to the BX to pick up a birthday present for one of Halle's new friends, put a little Popeye's chicken into the kids' bellies, and then I dropped Halle off for a birthday party there on base.
  • We came home for a little less than an hour, then headed out to pick up Emily from school. Brian was actually getting off work early/on time, so he volunteered to pick Halle up from her party.
  • We had tickets for the 5:55 Spiderman 3 showing, so we made a quick stop at the McDonald's next to the theater for dinner. For the first time in a long time, all 6 of us took in a movie together. My impressions of the movie (in short form): A little long, seemed to drag a bit in parts, and/or the action was so fast and furious that I often couldn't really see what was happening. Great moral, which was spelled out quite plainly for those who couldn't get it otherwise. It certainly made for good discussion with the kids. Still worth seeing, if only to watch Toby Maguire's little jazz dance routine.
  • Saturday morning we took the 3 younger kids bowling, then lunch at BK, followed by a shopping trip to CostCo.
  • Came home from that, helped Brian clean our bathroom, then he and I went to a retirement party for one of the anesthetists from the base. We stopped off at Nugget Market for cheesecake on the way home (the dessert at the retirement dinner was a *cold* fruit cobbler... ugh).
  • Yesterday we went to church and lunch, and then I came home and worked on laundry.
This week isn't as full as some, but still plenty to do: gymnastics tonight, orthodontist for Noah one day, dentist for Halle another, and a ladies' prayer breakfast on Saturday. And the usual dropping off and picking up of Emily from school woven in between all of that.

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PinkJeweledCat said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't realize that you were a military family! That's so cool. We're also a military family. My hubby has been in the Army for a lonnnnnng time. He'll be able to retire in another two and a half years. You must be on an Air Force Base if you have a BX, but are you an Air Force family? I want to warn you in advance before you go back to my blog. God really inspired me last night to make a dramatic change, so it won't look at all the same. I'm glad you had fun this weekend. I've been taking a rest with my Father this weekend. It was so nice. I'm feeling so great. Little PG has his surgery tomorrow, so just keep us in your prayers if you would. Thanks. Ta for now dahling!

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