Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Holding out for Heroes

Oh. My. Holy. Heck. Last night's episode of Heroes had to be the best one yet. Didn't see it? Get thee to the website and watch it online. I imagine I will be rewatching this one. I can't believe Emily wasn't here to watch with me; we would have had so much fun last night. She is a blast to watch TV with. I texted her afterwards (knowing she was already in bed in Chicago at that point) to find out if she had gotten to see it, but her reply this morning was in the negative; her group was still at the Navy Pier when it aired. I so wish I had this episode saved on the DVR (which we still haven't used to record anything... just to play DVDs) so we could watch it on a bigger screen together after she gets back. She'll have to settle for watching it online.

I get to go pick her up from the airport tonight, though! And tomorrow night we pick up her dad. Maybe I need to figure out how to use the DVR today.... we'll miss both shows of AI because we'll be on the road during that time. Nah. I'll just look at the clips on YouTube tomorrow.

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