Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friday night recap

The kids had fun today at the park with the base homeschool group. They made t-shirts with spray-on fabric paint and stencils (the paint was in small pump bottles). Then they had a scavenger hunt around the park. Some of the kids, my boys included, enjoyed watching a couple of moms fishing in the pond with their children. Things got exciting when a snapping turtle decided it wanted a taste of their bait. It was a nice sized one, too. We worked for several minutes trying to get the hook out of his jaw. Finally, one of our moms ran back to her house and got the tackle box with some good pliers in it and we were able to get the hook out. I set the turtle down and he high-tailed it straight back into the water. The kids were concerned he was going to bleed to death, but we reassured them that he would probably heal pretty quickly.

After we got home from picking Emily up from school, I played some Old Maid with the kids and then went in the back yard to play catch with Noah. He really threw some heat at me a few times. Even with a ball glove, my hand stung. Halle was trying to figure out how to use the pogo stick, and I tried to show her.... tried being the operative word. I was able to hop on it maybe 2 times before I fell backward and landed flat on my keister. It was HILARIOUS. Thankfully, it didn't hurt ... I guess my extra padding worked.

Brian went to a meeting at church tonight. They are working on developing a Celebrate Recovery program and he is interested in helping out with it. While he was gone, Joel had me working on trying to figure out how to put together a wooden treasure chest kit we've had for several years. It was actually a gift from someone to Emily back when we lived in Ohio. She never was all that interested in putting it together, though. The box had been opened at some point and the instructions were gone. I was able to get most of it done before Brian got home. We left off the false bottom, but I got the chest itself done and the frame for the lid. Tomorrow, Brian will glue and clamp the strips that make up the lid. Then Joel will be able to paint it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to my first women's ministry activity at our new church. The ladies are having a prayer breakfast in the morning. I'm hoping to get to meet and know some new people.

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Rick J said...

Sounds as if you guys are beginning to find ways to connect at church... such a blessing. :-)

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