Saturday, January 06, 2007

P Words

Can you guess the 3 P-words this post refers to? I'll put the answer in the comments (the last one could be 2 different words).

It's been a hectic couple of days, trying to recover from the trip and get things back in order around here. I finally finished all of the laundry from the trip and now am working on the stuff that has been dirtied up since we got back. Sometimes it seems like laundry is like an endless escalator; you never reach the end!

Today we were able to get all the Christmas decorations put away. Halle is happy about that because now the small table that was home to my and Emily's Snow Village houses is free to be used for jigsaw puzzles. We have several new puzzles that she wants to put together with me. Won't that be a good incentive for finishing our other work?

After getting the work done around the house today, we went to the movies. Brian and the boys saw Eragon, and Halle and I saw Charlotte's Web. I felt like Charlotte's Web was very well done. I do prefer Debbie Reynolds' Charlotte voice to that of Julia Roberts, though. (Debbie voiced Charlotte in the 1973 animated version.) Debbie's Charlotte had a warmth to her that Julia lacks. So many times, I felt Julia's Charlotte came across too matter-of-fact, whereas Debbie's vocal characterization had an almost maternal quality to it. I'm sure if this had been the first film treatment of the book, I probably wouldn't have noticed this; but having the comparison, the differences just stood out to me.

Just when things were starting to calm down a bit after Brian's mother's stroke, a whole new situation has presented itself... this one involving his sister's 3yo daughter and her grandfather (Brian's father). I'll let you read Brian's post for his explanation, then ask you to keep this whole thing in your prayers.


Karen said...

1. Progress
2. Pig
3. Pedophile (or pervert)

Rick J said...

How about:
Picking up
Putting away
Picture show

Welcome home!

jettybetty said...

Picture shows

Carrie K. said...

I'm so sorry, Karen. I will be praying.

DJG said...

I was thinking

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