Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I thought Thursday was ER night

I just returned from a trip to the emergency room a little while ago. No, it wasn't for me... or the kids... it was for my husband. Those who know him know he has this issue called cholinergic urticaria (basically hives, which often occur if he sweats) coupled with cold-induced urticaria (hives that occur when his body cools down). In its mildest form his hands and arms might become itchy, but tonight his entire body was covered in hives, including his face. He took Benadryl at the first signs of itching, but an hour later felt that he should go in to the ER. Thankfully they took him back right away. He wound up getting meds intravenously and slept a little while. The P.A. on duty sent us home with 3 epi-pens and a 21-day supply of prednisone (He sure isn't looking forward to taking that.). He is pretty groggy right now because of the medication. I am debating whether or not to stay awake all night to make sure it doesn't worsen; at one point after they had given him the IV meds, the hives actually began returning, and the P.A. considered giving him epi then.

Of course, if I stay up, I won't be in any shape to drive Emily to school in the morning. She'd love an excuse to miss school...

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