Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm flattered

I was checking my blog stats this afternoon and noticed several hits coming from one website... Looks like someone there liked my delurking graphic (made for last year's delurking week) and borrowed it (while politely giving me credit). I came across one more site who borrowed and credited as well. And one person privately emailed me saying they wanted to use it. How cool is that?? Funny thing is that it would be so easy for someone to make their own... I don't even remember where I found the site to make this one, but a search for "sign generator" brings up lots of different places where anyone can make a custom sign in any number of formats: ransom notes, Disneyland marquee, church signs, billboards... you name it. In fact, I like this ransom note generator better than the one I used... I think it is easier to read.

But as far as delurking graphics go, I like this one, from Sheryl, of Paper Napkin:

1 comment:

janjanmom said...

Yikes, I did not give anyone credit!! I don't think it occurred to me that someone actually designed it-just sort of thought of it as clip art. (which I know is also designed by someone)

I am a thief, ignorance is my defense!

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