Thursday, October 26, 2006

TGIF (almost)

Can I say I am really glad the weekend is almost here? Even though it will be a weekend with no hubby (the one moonlighting weekend he does a month), I am looking forward to having at least one day where there are no *have to* things to do. No driving to school, no school at home, some easy no-fuss meals, time to read some books or play games with the kids....

Tomorrow we were going to go see the tall ships, but the 2 other families who were going to go with us can't make it any longer, so we probably aren't going to go now. Unless I wake up feeling quite different about it, anyhow.

It has been an incredibly long week. Brian had some majorly long days at work, not even getting home until 7pm or later on several of them (that is pretty late, considering he gets there before 6am). Lots of stressful things going on there. Then I went and lost a contact lens yesterday morning. So now I'm wearing my glasses and wishing mightily that I could just have LASIK done on my badly near-sighted eyes. I hate my peripheral vision being nothing but a blur.

Oh, I did get to see The Prestige this week... now there's a movie that has you scratching your head a bit! I love Christian Bales; he was great. Hugh Jackman wasn't half bad, either. And Michael Caine rarely disappoints. Two unexpected pleasures: David Bowie in a totally un-Ziggy Stardust role and Andy Serkis, decidedly un-Gollumlike.

Here's some stuff I've come across in the last week or so:

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Sandy said...

Love that Dove clip! I hadn't seen it yet (clearly I don't get out much) A while back, they published Wynonna Judd's mug shot in the paper after she got arrested for DUI... without all the glam makeup and hair, you NEVER would have recognized her. She looked like anyone else on the street (and probably a little worse!)

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