Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Hump Day

Sorry I haven't posted since the weekend. We've been going 90-to-nothing here.... running Em to school, coming home and doing school here, going to playzones and parks, heading off to gymnastics classes...

So tomorrow is Halle's birthday. We are having a small family celebration tomorrow night, going to Concord to the Benihana there. Then next weekend, Halle is having a party at the gymnastics gym. Hopefully she'll have a good turnout for that. I know it will be more fun for her than if only a very few are able to come. I still haven't wrapped the gifts for tomorrow night; I guess I will get started on that before I go to bed tonight.


Every now and then, I think to look at my blog stats to see where people are visiting from and what kind of search strings have led unsuspecting searchers to my site. I think this string I found the other day (from Sunday, Oct. 8) has to be the best one yet: "how to unstick mating dogs." Whoever the poor soul in Cleveland, Ohio, was.... I sure hope they solved that problem. Sorry I wasn't much help. I'm still trying to figure out just why that search landed you here to begin with!


Thumper said...

:::raises hand:::
I know! I know!

Squirt 'em with a hose!

Hopefully your curious surfer will come back to get his answer... :)

DJG said...

That is the most fun thing about stat counters....Lately mine have been looking for Zoe Conference...but last night I had a hit from a Google search for "temporary crowns and back yards"....what?

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh that google search is so funny. I often follow the links back to the search page and try to figure out how it happened. Most times I can see it. LOL

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