Saturday, October 14, 2006

Feels like old times

The kids and I had a good day yesterday. Emily had an early out day (11:30 a.m.) and we drove thru Burger King on the way home. Once we finished lunch, the kids and I got the main floor of the house picked up and vacuumed, and cleaned the kitchen table and counters. This was all stuff I needed to do during the week, but just didn’t get done because of all the other running around we were doing. Seems like all I could manage to keep up this week was laundry.

Brian was having a really long day at work, so we had to leave for the Country Fair at Em’s school before he got home. It was very windy and chilly, but the kids didn’t complain. Emily was working a shift at the arm wrestling booth; I didn’t get a chance to see her do her thing. The kids played a few games, including a basketball shooting game where they each walked off with a goldfish prize. Guess we’ll be headed to PetSmart later for some food and a bowl. Right now, they are in one of my Southern Living hurricanes. (I imagine my friend Martha, who sells Southern Living at Home, would be somewhat amused at that.) Brian met us there shortly after 6 and I had to leave by 6:30, as I was going to a Mary Kay gathering on base at 7.

Now this is the fun part. The whole reason I was going to this Mary Kay thing is that a friend from back home in Omaha was here for it. She is a sales director and has consultants all over the place, including a brand new one here on base. She called me earlier this week to tell me she was coming out to California this weekend and wondered if I was anywhere near where she was going to be. Needless to say, we were both pretty thrilled to find out she was going to be just 15 minutes from my house! I was able to bring her back to our house after the evening was over to visit for a bit, and then took her back to her hotel. Now Robin has earned the title of first Omaha guest in our home. It was so much fun to see her; I felt like I was my old self around her and had a ball chatting and laughing. It was the first time I felt like that while being here in California.

Brian and the 2 big kids have already left for their day at Six Flags Marine World with the church youth group. I’ll be taking the younger 2 to the movies later. We’ll grab the fish food and accessories on our way home.

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jettybetty said...

*Old* friends--what a joy!
Glad you got to enjoy one--feeling like your old self has to be good.

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