Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mending fences

Well, I guess it's not really a fence that needs to be mended... more like the ground beneath it. When I went out in the backyard with Campbell this morning, we had a "guest" waiting for us. Apparently some neighbors behind us got a new pet recently and yesterday he and Campbell were trying to get to know each other under the fence. We filled in an area with rock/boulders where the dogs had been digging to get to each other. I'm guessing these folks must have left their guy out last night, which gave him lots of uninterrupted time to create a new way over here. He's a tiny fellow.... looks to be a Miniature Pinscher. It wasn't light out enough for me to see where he could have gotten in at and lights aren't on in that house, so I don't feel like I can go over to their house yet. He won't let me pick him up (well, he did once, but then starting yelping and biting at my hands). So Campbell has to stay out of the backyard until I can find a way to return this guy to his family.

It's always something.

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DJG said...

Dogs are smart....sometimes too smart. But you gotta love them!

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