Saturday, October 28, 2006

Falling back

The kids are all bathed and in bed for the night. It should be pretty easy to wake them up in the morning, since they'll be getting an extra hour of rest. I'm really looking forward to that hour (if my automatic body alarm will let me have it).

We had a good day today. I took the younger kids to see Flicka, and they all enjoyed it. Most reviewers didn't care for it, so of course, I liked it. I guess when it comes to movies, I'm just not too hard to please. I liked seeing Tim McGraw... since I never saw Friday Night Lights, this was my first time seeing him on the big screen. I just hated that we didn't get to hear him sing until the movie was over. My Little Girl is the neatest song.

Noah spent a good part of the evening at the piano; he is starting to take an interest in it. I guess it's time to look for a teacher. One more thing to add to our schedule! Hopefully I can find one that does daytime lessons... maybe even one that comes to us. That would be ideal. Halle is asking for lessons as well. I think it will be neat to have kids playing the piano again (Emily took 3 years of lessons and then quit.)

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Thumper said...

Alot of the music stores around here also offer lessons, and they might have some during the day. Or, they did a few years ago...I'm not even sure which ones are still open. There's one at Alamo & I-80 that has lessons...

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