Thursday, August 10, 2006

One for the road

Not sure how much (if any) blogging I'll be doing while we're gone, so thought I'd get in one last post before we leave. Bags are packed except for the last-minute stuff we'll use in the morning and will need to put in the checked bags.

We've got an early morning tomorrow (up around 3 a.m.) so everyone is hitting the hay early tonight. Then we have 2 flights. Thankfully the longest is only 2 hours and 15 minutes.

I'll leave you with some YouTube fun:

I'm not sure whether to laugh or run screaming from the room. Spencer, put some clothes on!

How'd they do that?


DJG said...

Have a great trip! BTW I answered your tag!

jettybetty said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip!
And on that one--I am running from the room screaming!

Thumper said...

Spencer needs to eat a cheeseburger...

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