Thursday, August 03, 2006

(Good) hair day

Today was beautification day for both Campbell and Emily. Campbell had an appointment on the books to be groomed for a couple of months now (I guess that's how popular this place is; I need to book his next appointment NOW.) He finally looks like a terrier again. He was getting very "poodly", which I think is uncool for a fox terrier. The groomer also owns a wire fox terrier... hers is *17 1/2*! Campbell has 14 years to go to make it that far. This is the first time we've had Campbell groomed all over (I used to keep him stripped out myself)... now he looks like he's part dalmatian! He does feel very soft, though.

Emily made an appointment a couple of weeks ago to get her hair done. She wanted to cover up the blonde color she put on last fall and try something a little closer to her natural color. We're both pretty happy with the results. This color goes great with her skin tone. She also wanted to try a slightly different haircut with sideswept layered bangs. I like it... it's definitely a welcome change to her usual pony tail!


DJG said...

I like both looks. Of course Emily is much cuter.

Mellie Helen said...

Now, those were at two different stylists, right?...

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

He needs more fur on his legs! Poor guy.

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