Friday, August 18, 2006

Blogging from the Show-Me State

We're over halfway through our trip to the midwest... just another couple of days here before heading back towards Omaha and our flight to CA. We're at my mom's house now and the pace is a little slower, giving me time to read a few blogs and update mine.

While we were in the St. Louis area, we took the kids to St. Louis Mills. Even after about 5 hours there, we only saw 1/2 of it. Of course, that was due to spending quite a bit of time at the NASCAR Speedpark. Brian, Emily, and Noah all got to drive in a simulated NASCAR race (Halle and Joel were passengers). Brian and Joel even rolled their car! I was so proud of them for not jumping out and hollering "I'm on fire! Help me, Tom Cruise!"*

We arrived at my mom's in Cape Girardeau shortly after midnight Wednesday night and drove down to my hometown of Sikeston yesterday to show the kids where I grew up. A lot has changed, but a lot was the same. We drove past the house I lived in from the time I was born until I married Brian (save for the months I was in the dorms at college). And we ate lunch at Lambert's. I had intended to get a Kirbyburger, but we thought the kids would enjoy Lambert's more for the atmosphere. They did enjoy catching their rolls, and Mom was thankful for a very nice server who went out of her way to find something she could eat, since she is still on a liquid diet. Maxine brought Mom a big bowl of broth from their chicken and dumplings. Noah paid me a great compliment when he said that Lambert's chicken gizzards weren't as good as mine. I guess I'll have to make him some when we get back home.

We'll see what today brings. School is in session here, so the cousins won't be able to hang out with our kids until tonight. We had a short visit with them last night, and by all indications, tonight will be a grand time. Meanwhile, we're working on getting some laundry done and just visiting with Mom.

* a la Talladega Nights


Rick J said...

Glad your mom is doing better. Sounds as if nostalgia is dripping from everything. :)

Sandy said...

Oh, we love Lambert's too. We even had okra thrown at us.

It may just be possible that there is a black hole somewhere underneath the midwest bible belt... change comes very slowly, but that's a good thing when you're in the mood for nostalgia. Glad you're having a great trip!

Anonymous said...

I forgot you were from Sikeston. We usually drive there from Portageville to eat when we see family in the summer. For some reason, we never go to Lambert's. The generation up from me (my parents, aunt, uncle, etc.) always insist on Ryan's. Don't ask me why!

-- Bobby

jettybetty said...

Way back in my Poplar Bluff days--my fav place to eat in Sikeston was Burger King--they didn't have one in PB. My ideas of fine food have changed ;-)!!!

Sounds like ya'll are having a great time!

DJG said...

I am officially jealous....I would love the NASCAR speedpark.....I like Lambert's pretty good too, especially those big old mugs of sweet tea.....

Lori Ann said...

Wow, we were at Lambert;s on that day. We are finishing up a 30 day road trip...we were also in St. Louis for two days that week. We are in Kearney Neb. tonight!

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