Saturday, August 05, 2006

Just another Saturday night

It's just me and the 3 youngest this weekend. Emily is camping with some of the other junior high/middle school group from church and Brian is off in OH. He is actually in the Dayton area tonight. He had a free evening from his conference, so he rented a car and drove down to visit old friends there and spend the night with them. He gets to go to church with them in the morning and then head back to Cleveland afterwards for meetings in the evening.

The kids and I went to see Barnyard earlier today. Cute movie; the trailers are a bit misleading, since they make it look like the movie is one big party. It actually explores some serious themes like responsibility and maturity. After the movie, we had some lunch and went shopping for birthday gifts to take with us when we go back to the midwest. We will be arriving on Noah's best friend's birthday. His brother, Joel and Halle's friend, had his birthday last month, so we're bringing his gift along as well.

Those of you out there that are the praying sort, please add my mom to your list. She had her gallbladder removed about a month ago (exactly a month to the date) , and still hasn't been able to keep food down. She finally ended up going to the ER Thursday evening, was admitted to the hospital and had lots of not-so-fun procedures on Friday. They found out she has a couple of big ulcers right near the beginning of her small intestine and the swelling was keeping food from leaving the stomach the normal way (no way to go but up!). So she is stuck in the hospital for a few days more (I don't know how many) and for at least this weekend, can have nothing to eat or drink. The doctor says there is a chance she will get clear liquids on Monday. Please pray she'll be feeling better soon, especially considering our upcoming visit. Having our family of 6 in her house is stressful enough on her without her dealing with pain and/or nausea.

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