Thursday, November 10, 2005

Well my bags are packed; I'm ready to go

Ok, not totally ready, but nearly. Just a few things to toss into the suitcase and my purse, and I'll be set. Just finished getting the IPod all set up (thanks to Donna for reminding me how to fix my problem). It is fully charged and should be able to get me through the night/flight to Atlanta. (Anyone else have Whatever gets you through the night running through your head now?)

I doubt I'll be posting over the weekend... Of course, since I'm leaving the land of nearly no free wifi and going to a place where free wifi spots abound, there is always a slight chance I could use my Pocket PC to send an update. But I may just be too busy.

Have a great weekend.


Thumper said...

The blg will be here when you get back...just have fun!!!

jettybetty said...

Have a great time!!!
You will have lots to write about when you get back!

DJG said...

Hope you have a wonderful time with all of your "tunes"!!!

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