Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another day come and gone

This was the first Halloween we've had in which the trick-or-treaters kept coming after the appointed hours for treat-seeking were over. Tonight's hours were supposed to be 6-8, but our doorbell kept ringing on up to 8:30. We finally decided to turn off the light to get some peace and quiet, especially as the 2 youngest would be going to bed in 30 minutes. I saw a lot of older (over 13) kids... more than I ever have before. I don't know if it's a California thing or what. Very few of these kids had what I would call "real" costumes, but there was 1 kid who looked to be around 13 or so who had an awesome costume. I didn't begrudge him the handful of candy I gave him. He was dressed as a kissing booth! It was the most original costume I saw all night.

Brian took the 3 younger kids around the neighborhood. They were accompanied off and on by the 11-yo across the street. His parents allowed him to trick-or-treat unsupervised. Brian said he was double-dipping.... pulling off his mask and jacket and then returning to a previously-visited house. He also stopped him from running through someone's roped-off driveway (where they had apparently made some recent repairs). Brian said he felt like this kid needed more supervision than Noah. Brian did brag on our kids... he said they were all very well-behaved and never forgot to say "Thank you."


The piano repairman comes Wednesday morning. Can I get a hallelujah??


drjimwhite said...

Hallelujah! and Amen!

Rick J said...

We missed you guys at Treat-in-a-Trunk, but I think staying in the neighborhood made a lot more sense than fighting traffic to get here. It sounds like your kids had a great time.

Thumper said...

I do think kids in CA tend to go out to trick-or-treat a little older than the midwest, and alot of them don't bother with "real" costumes. I don't mind if they come a little later than the little kids, and if they're gracious; it's the older kids that stick their bag out and practically grunt without saying thank you that bother me.

Almost every single smaller kid that we had show up last night said thank you, and the few that didn't were just too overwhelmed to.

the ones that really made me laugh--the 1 year olds or younger. We *know* who really wanted the candy!

Mellie Helen said...

This was the first year my 5-yr-old even showed a desire to trick-or-treat (we went to a local shopping center). He was still scared of the process for the first few places, but then he finally realized: trick-or-treat = candy. He soon got into the swing of it.

As to annoying trick-or-treaters, my pet peeve is those who ring the doorbell repeatedly while also knocking on the door. Perhaps a lump of coal should be placed in their bags!

atpanda said...

This year I boycotted Halloween, which was a little sad. Last year kids got bussed into my neighborhood for some weird reason, and we had the no-costume teenagers until after 9pm! It kinda defeated the purpose of Halloween for me, so I took the year off.
Looks like you have a super busy life lady!
Michele sent me!

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