Monday, November 07, 2005

Space and time

I've been keeping a bit busy these last 2 days. Sundays are always pretty full, especially since we have to leave almost an hour before time to get to church. Yesterday was no exception. We had a great song worship, despite me feeling like I had a bunch of feathers in my throat. Did a couple of songs that I'd never done before moving here, but which are becoming favorites, That's Why We Praise Him and We Are the Body of Christ (the latter arranged by one of my favorite bloggers, Clarissa Cox). We had lunch afterwards with another family from church.... good food and good conversation (although I did my best, quite unintentionally, of screwing that up... thankfully our dining companion is/was most gracious and forgiving!).

Once we got home from lunch, we had almost 3 hours before time to head back for Reunion (our 1st Sunday of the month evening service). Brian and I made a run to Office Depot to get supplies for invitations and programs for his senior anesthesia residents' upcoming graduation. Yours truly is designing these. I worked on the invitations before leaving for evening worship and managed to get the design done.

Reunion was nice... a short song service (another new song for me... Refiner's Fire; I'd heard it before, but had never sung it). The worship stations focused on the first half of the Beatitudes: "poor in Spirit," "those who mourn," "those who hunger and thirst for righteousness," "meek." One station I found meaningful was the one pertaining to being poor in spirit.... realizing our total need for God. A table with slips of paper and washable markers was prepared, along with a clear vase of water. Those who participated were to think and pray about something(s) in their lives in which they realized their helplessness apart from God, then write that thing on the paper and place it into the vase. The water begins to wash the ink off of the paper... just as God begins to change us when we ask. What a cool illustration!


Today I spent time getting the graduation invitations printed on cardstock, and also setting up my IPod for my upcoming trip. I was burning some CDs into ITunes when my computer proceeded to let me know I'm running out of disk space. A lot of tweaking and deleting later, I still only have about 153 MB of space on my 13.9GB drive. But here's what I don't get. This computer has a partition, so I have another section of hard drive with 129 GB free. I was going to move my ITunes there, but when I started to do that, I received a warning that it might not work if I do that. Aack. So I have this freakishly huge hard drive that I am doing nothing with. (This particular computer is really designed for video editing... something I don't do.) I guess I need my big sis here to fix it up for me, since she is the computer whiz. But it's truly sad. What good is a 60GB IPod if ITunes is on a drive not even 1/3 that size? I've only got a little over 1.5GB on my IPod now. :o(


DJG said...

Until you get that partition fixed you could load them on your iPod and then delete them. It is a drive so you could later copy them back over....

just a thought.

Rick J said...

I really liked your description of what we did with the glass vase and the paper... made me wish I was there... wait a minute, I WAS there. Guess we should of had you describe it to everyone. :)

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