Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's Saturday, so it has to be football/Harry Potter #4

But not after today. Today was Noah's last game of the season. It was a well-played game that ended in a 12-12 tie. Afterwards, the team met at Mountain Mike's for pizza. Coach Walt had certificates, whistles, and Oakland Raiders mini-pennants for each player, along with lots of positive comments and praise. I am sure that if he is coaching again next season, we'll try to get on his team.

Brian flies out to St. Louis tomorrow morning to be with his family for his dad's surgery Monday. He'll get back late Wednesday night. I'm hoping he is able to accomplish what needs doing on this trip. If he can, it should help get his stress levels down to something in the more normal range.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was a very different film from the first 3, but still quite excellent. Very little to disappoint, except for the absence of Dobby and Winky. It's understandable why they had to be cut, but I was looking forward to seeing Dobby again. He's more lovable than Yoda. Ralph Fiennes was a superb Voldemort. A bit freaky looking, but then the dude had been only partially alive for the last 14 years.

There was just enough comic relief to keep the movie from being overly dark. I've heard from several parents who were concerned this movie was going to be too graphic for their kids, based on their reading of the book. I think those fears can be laid to rest. This movie was more akin to the scary movies of old, which managed to send shivers down your spine without resorting to showing severed limbs and slashing knives.

I was left hungering for the 5th movie. How long will it be until it's ready??


Thumper said...

Principal filming supposedly starts next February on the 5th movie, with a release in 2007. Long time to wait, eh...?

Fingers crossed for Brian's dad's surgery...!

David said...

Leave my scent- that is too funny! here from michele's

ribbiticus said...

hello! michele sent me your way today. :)

Chatty said...

a lot of HP posts today. I've not seen any of the movies. I own the books though (read three).

Michele sent me.

Charles (Canadian in Hong Kong) said...

Hi there... Michele sent me... I love the sotry about the angel food cake... classic!

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