Friday, July 15, 2005


I was skeptical. I didn't think I'd care for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; I enjoyed Gene Wilder's version. BUT... this one was better than I expected. It was more true to the book. And if you can get over seeing Johnny Depp with a pageboy, sans facial hair, and with blindingly white Osmo-chops, a visual feast. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it. But the kids were more real, less like caricatures.... I've known some kids like these. I also appreciated some of the values espoused in the film; there was more than just the bad kids getting in trouble. Charlie's goodness was much more evident in this film than in the old version.

Go watch. And eat a Wonka Bar for me.


Thumper said...

We thought about seeing it today, but then the realization that Mike's folks are coming down on Sunday made us think we needed to clean house more than we needed to see a movie.

I definitely want to go next week. I HAVE to see sister was an extra in the Gene Wlder version!

Carl V. said...

Thanks for the visit. Love your site design, very cool and relaxing.

Phil said...


Did you & Carl plan this? He and you both have "Wonka" posts, and I'm visitting you both from the Comment Game.

Hello, Michele sent me! ;)


PractiGal said...

OK, I keep hearing good things about this one... will have to catch it, probably when it's on DVD.

Sounds like things in CA are going well!??

Megan said...

Hi! Michele sent me. I've been contemplating seeing this film, as I loved he original, loved the book and adore Johnny Depp.

I think you gave me the push I needed! Thanks.

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