Saturday, July 23, 2005

Living the sweat life

No, that's not a typo. This week I took advantage of a free week's pass to Curves. I've gone to the gym in the past, usually with my husband to the base gym (not here, but back at Offutt). I *hated* that place. Nearly everyone there had near-perfect bodies and it was just not fun. The only thing I felt like I could get through was the treadmill, and even then, at a pace that was snail-slow for most. It was boring and not very satisfying.

Fast forward to this week. The circuit-training at Curves is not difficult, but I was definitely getting a workout, as testified to by the glow on my forehead and the moisture on my back. 30 minutes of circuit-training, with aerobic activity between each station and stretching afterwards... a doable routine that doesn't eat into our family time the way going to a traditional gym did. Plus, the local Curves is less than 5 minutes from our house. That's a plus. I think I'm going to go ahead and join.

Tomorrow is Sunday... and for once since we've moved here, I'm not dreading it. Now that's sweet.


Mellie Helen said...

You want sweat? Just step outside, ma'am; this Florida-style heat and humidity was imported just for your enjoyment!

Kym said...

I need to start exercising. Keep posting about your excercising ok? Maybe it will help motivate me.

Rick J said...

When we were in Houston Virginia went to Curves for a while, and she liked it for all the same reasons. For most of us we exercise only when it's at least a little fun.

Marie said...

I'm interested in Curves too, but I like an early morning spot. The one near me doesn't open til 8am. Harumph.

Philip said...

Glad you liked Curves, did you go ahead and join? Glad you're feeling 'settled' finally.

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