Thursday, July 28, 2005

(Insert catchy title here)

Philip asked if I actually did join Curves. Yup, I did. I've been 3 times this week and planning on going 2 more. It's fun... and today I went earlier in the day, where it seems the ladies are a little more chatty and friendly (not that they weren't friendly the other times, just not to the degree that this morning's gals were). The local shop opens at 6, so I think I may just start going first thing in the morning, before schoolwork and chores. That way I can shower and spend the rest of the day in my dress and pearls. (As if!)

Hoping to take the kids to see Sky High this weekend. We've got $50 in Fandango credits (a reward from our phone company), so I can even order the tickets ahead of time so we don't have to stand in line. YAY!. We're also talking about trying out Six Flags Marine World. We've been here 2 whole months and haven't been yet... and it's only 15 minutes away!

On a Disney message board I participate in, we've been playing a little movie quote game and I thought I'd bring it here. No one has guessed what movie this quote comes from. Any of you know?? This is my youngest's favorite... he goes around saying it all the time:

See these guns? They're holy guns. They make a rather big holey. Get it? Holy?


Thumper said...

We've been here off and on for a total of about 8 years, and we still haven't gone to Marine World. Or the Jelly Belly Factory. Or even into San Francisco!

we're lame...yep.

Samantha said...

I've been thinking of doing the Curves thing, but if I can't get the motivation to JOIN, what kind of member will I be? I'll be back to find out where that quote came from!

Michele sent me!

Mellie Helen said...

I'm just guessing here, it from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? And which Disney board(s) are you on? I may know you there!

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