Sunday, February 22, 2009

Waiting for answers

Emily (17) was admitted to the hospital last night... a few posts ago, I mentioned a kidney infection she had just before Christmas. On our way to school yesterday, she said she thought she was getting another one; she was having pretty similar symptoms. I told her we'd probably get her seen after school then. Neither of us realized just how bad it was until she called me to get her from school (she went in late and only lasted a couple of hours before she called and told me she was practically passing out). We had already decided we'd take her to the ER (no dr. appointments available), so her dad met us there and I left her in his capable hands.

It took a while to get seen, but once they took her back to the exam rooms, they realized how sick she was. She was dehydrated, had a high fever, low blood pressure, and high heart rate. She spent last night on a regular floor, but today they moved her to the ICU so they could monitor her more closely. Her BP has improved, but her fever comes and goes, her heart rate is still fast and her lab values on her bloodwork are all out of whack. The docs are very puzzled and still trying to figure out the cause. Their preliminary diagnosis was a kidney infection with mild sepsis, but the lab values have them looking for an additional condition.

Brian spent most of the day there (and is there now); he left a little after 9pm because she was falling asleep and really needed to sleep.... didn't get much last night and none today. She called him 30-40 minutes later and asked if he was going to come back up. She was having trouble sleeping. He may be staying the night there.

So now we wait. And pray. Hopefully they will find an answer tomorrow and can get her fixed up and home soon.


Deb Dplus11 said...

We'll keep her in our prayers here!

That Girl said...

I'll put you all on the list!

Lori Ann said...

Praying for Emily and your family.

Thumper said...

Ton's o'Mojo being sent your way...I hope they get her fixed and feeling better ASAP.

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