Monday, February 23, 2009


Sitting here in Emily's room while she is off having an ultrasound of her kidneys. Her vitals are much improved; unfortunately we still don't have any real answers as to what started this whole mess. She is feeling 100% better and itching to go home. That's not happening today, but she does get to move to a regular room and finally get the shower she's been asking for.

I have been overwhelmed by all the emails, texts, and Facebook posts offering prayers and support. Technology is amazing. Thank you to all who've been praying.

I hope to have more news later today or at least by tomorrow.


Rick J said...

Just saw your posts about Emily and soooo glad she is improved. I'm writing this from my mom's living room in Arkansas, so, yes, technology does have it's upside for prayer and staying in touch. :-)

Thumper said...

Fingers crossed that if she's not home already, she's at least wandering the hospital halls, muttering about how unfair life is and about how SHE HAS STUFF TO DO!

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