Friday, February 06, 2009

Let the sun shine

Greetings from sunny Indio, CA! Not sure how long the sun will last today; the weather forecast calls for rain today (and tomorrow, and the next). The RV resort we are staying at is very posh; I think we have the cheapest motorhome here. Many of the other guests have custom golf-carts (I've seen mini-Hummers, ones that look like convertible roadsters, and just really fawncy ones), and we even saw one site with a full-size Bentley parked at it.  There are sites that have extras at them, like outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, casitas, fountains.... I said on my FaceBook page yesterday that I felt a little like the Clampetts pulling in here!  We are in a bare-bones spot, but it still outdoes many places we've stayed.... the pad is concrete and very wide, we have lots of grassy space to play with the kids, we face a waterway and have our own dock (too bad no little boat to tie up to it!). Right next door, they are working on one of those "fawncy" spots.... one with an outdoor kitchen, eating area, etc.

We had a nice trip down. Pulled out of our driveway a little after 4 am.  After a couple of hours, Brian pulled over for a 30-minute power nap. We stopped a while later to gas up near Los Banos, then didn't stop again for 5 hours, when we pulled into a shopping center parking lot in San Dimas to make lunch (man, I can't say "San Dimas" without wanting to make a "Bill and Ted's" reference). No more stops until we arrived here around 3 pm.

Brian's conference doesn't start until tonight, so hopefully the weather will hold during the day so we can do some sightseeing. We'd like to ride the Palm Springs Tramway before we leave. There is also a children's museum in Rancho Mirage that I will probably take the kids to tomorrow, since Brian will be in meetings all day. 

Time to get busy. My earlybird (Joel) is up and looking for breakfast. I realized before I got out of bed this morning that I forgot to bring the milk with us, so he will have to go without his AlphaBits for now... oatmeal it is.


Rick J said...

Indio in February is much preferable to Indio in August!! :)

Jenny said...

First, I feel very awesome that I called the RV park "posh" in the last comment on February 4th's post - only to come here and read the exact same wording on your post! Great minds, my friend! And it boggles my mind when people live in states where you can drive for 12 hours and still be in the same state!

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