Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Andrew Lloyd Weber night

Okay.... tonight's AI featured songs by Andrew Lloyd Weber. Love his stuff. I have the movie versions of both Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Cats. (Of those, Joseph is by far my favorite.) Have watched Phantom of the Opera; Emily has the soundtrack on her iPod, and just saw it on Broadway a couple of weeks ago. Evita? Eh... not really one of my favorites. My exposure to Jesus Christ, Superstar is limited, but I am familiar with a couple of songs from it.

So going into tonight, I tried to imagine what songs the finalists would choose, or what songs I thought would work for them. I had Carly pegged, and I think she totally rocked with the title song from Jesus Christ, Superstar. Actually, tonight went pretty well for most of the gang except two: Brooke and Jason.

Poor Brooke. I knew this would be a tough night. If she'd only called me, though. I think I could have helped her out. I really think she would have fared much better if she had taken on "I Don't Know How to Love Him." (That's another song from Jesus Christ, Superstar, for the uninitiated.) Yvonne Elliman sang this in the movie; here's the clip from YouTube.

And Jason. Gee whiz. What was he thinking? I totally agreed with Simon when he said it was the longest 2 minutes of his life. I'm not sure what song Jason could have picked. But not Memory!

Syesha wowed me with a song I'd never heard before (One Rock and Roll Too Many). She could definitely make her living in theater.

David A.... interesting choice with Think of Me. Rearranging it as a pop ballad definitely worked for him, though. Before the show, I was picturing him singing Any Dream Will Do, from Joseph. That, or another song from the same show, Close Every Door. (Links are of Donny Osmond; the first is an actual clip from the movie.) But he didn't ask my advice, and I guess this time it didn't hurt.

I enjoyed David Cook's handling of Music of the Night, but it didn't wow me. It was nice to see him do something other than rock, though.

Favorite of the night: Syesha
Who should go: Jason or *sob* Brooke


Sandy said...

Oh, I know... poor Brooke! She is one of my two favorites (I even downloaded two of her songs from itunes and I love them!), but I don't think she'll make it past this week, since she's been in the bottom three twice already. It's very sad.
Jason... memory... ugh. But I don't know why everyone kept going on about this being a female diva song... it was a hit for Barry Manilow!

preacherman said...

Sounds like an interesting night.
I hope you had a great earth day! :-)
Kinney Mabry

preacherman said...

I love your dog.
So cute!!!!
Karen, I hope you have a wonderful week.

DidiLyn said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway.
Can you believe that Carly got booted last night?! I never would have guessed that one. I agree, it should have been either Jason or the lovely Brooke.
That was shocking.
BTW, I love your Great Dane. We have bullmastiffs so we love us some big dawgs, too.
Have a good day!

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