Tuesday, April 29, 2008

AI Top 5: Diamonds in the rough?

Neil Diamond night.... Folks thought maybe Mr. Diamond's stuff would redeem Jason's performance from last week, but even with *2* chances, I think he failed miserably. Both of his songs (Forever in Blue Jeans and September Morn) totally hurt me to listen to. At times he sounded like he was trying to just copy Neil's version and it just didn't work. I really think it's his time to leave.

I thought David Cook nailed both of his songs (I'm Alive and All I Really Need Is You). He is so smart to pick songs most people aren't familiar with, so they aren't comparing him to anyone else. Either one of those songs could be on the radio today. As much as I love me some Brooke, I think David C. is the one to take it all.

Brooke: Sweet heavens, I just can't figure out what is happening with her. She is not the same person who started this thing. I'm a Believer was not one of her best performances... it seemed very forced and just not as natural as I know she can be. But I Am, I Said was much closer to the Brooke I love. There's something about her and that piano that just works. The judges all noticed it, too. I was relieved to see they thought her #2 song was a good one.

David Archuleta... I'm sorry. But I'm getting a little tired of him and the over-the-top praise he keeps getting. (Well, Simon did label his first song, Sweet Caroline, as "amateurish".) Every time he grins, I keep seeing Alfred E. Neuman's face. He may be able to sing the telephone book, but I just don't see him as really being all that marketable. I think he'd be better off doing musical theater. I just didn't care for the way he changed around either the first song or America.

Syesha had another nice night. Hello Again was ok for me. Sorry, but I have junior year of high school memories of that song the way Neil sang it and any other version just doesn't do it for me. Now the other song, Thank the Lord for the Nighttime, was totally new to me and she sounded great on it. Funny that the judges all thought the same thing about how she does so well with songs that showcase her personality and acting ability.

My favorite(s) of the night: David Cook and Brooke (aww, it rhymes).
Who I wanna wave bye-bye to: For the love of all that is holy, Jason!


Shane Coffman said...

I'm not Tulsa-biased at all ; ), but I think David Cook was the best tonight as well.

Brooke's version of I'm a Believer lacked energy because it was too low in her range. It was painful to listen to for me.

Jason does have a smooth voice, but I think he is really just getting by on his smile and his hair...

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Jason seemed totally bored and/or uncomfortable.

Melzie said...

OMG HE DOES LOOK LIKE THE MAD MAG GUY! too funny! xoxo melzie

Tamara said...

Alfred E. Neuman...TOO funny!

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

I AM a Archuletta fan, but OH MY WORD! You nailed it w/Alfred Neuman! LOLOL

I was a fan of Jason's early on, but, oh, dear...it's time for him to go. David Cook has been my go-to guy, not from the beginning, but he got me at "Hello".

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