Thursday, July 12, 2007

HP #5 review; could be a movie weekend

As promised, here is my take on the 5th Harry Potter movie. In short, I liked it; I liked it much more than I thought I was going to. For me, this was a movie that connected more with my emotions than the previous ones. Almost from the beginning (but not quite that early on), I felt very connected to Harry's emotions in the film. Seeing him surrounded by those he loved and who loved him hit me almost as deeply as him.

This had to have been difficult to make, being that this was the longest book in the series so far. But it didn't seem that anything important was left out. Emily was disappointed that more of the humorous episodes from the book weren't used. While this movie wasn't without its funny moments, there definitely weren't as many as in the first four.

Loved Luna Lovegood. The gal who played her was *perfect* for the role. Can't wait to see more of her in the next movie. Oh, and the special effects were great as well. There are plenty to be had... I know that certain scenes were done where everything but the actors was CGI; very realistic CGI!

I'm looking forward to seeing this one when it is out on DVD, to catch anything I might have missed.


Hoping to catch the 9pm showing of Waitress at the base theater tomorrow night. Can't beat the $3 admission. I've heard good things about the movie and thought I was just going to have to wait to rent it.

Also, the base is showing a free preview of the new Hairspray Saturday afternoon, so we may be going to see it. The previews have looked pretty good. If I have to look at a guy dressed like a woman, I'd much rather see John Travolta than Divine any day.

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Lawanda said...

I loved Luna too! She was awesome. She was one of my favorite characters anyway, and now I love her more :)

I got teary-eyed through out the film too. But I am that way anyhow!!! :)

Thanks for posting on my blog! It is always nice to find fellow Harry lovers ;)

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