Saturday, July 14, 2007


Oh. my. holy. heck. I have not laughed SO HARD at a movie since I don't know when. If you saw John Waters' version, put all thoughts of it out of your mind. The two movies are worlds apart. This was truly a first-class musical, with show-stopping dance numbers and great vocals. Nikki Blonsky wowed us with her pipes... she has a great voice. And for someone who didn't take dance lessons, she sure handled herself on the dance floor.

John Travolta was an absolute hoot as Mrs. Turnblad. What a far cry from the slovenly character Divine portrayed in the original. Travolta had some great song and dance numbers... he was so much fun to watch. It must have taken some getting used to dancing with the fat suit on. Loved Christopher Walken as her husband as well. The two of them had a few really fun scenes together.

Can't believe we were lucky enough to get a FREE sneak preview of it tonight. That was one movie I wouldn't have felt cheated to have paid to go see.


jettybetty said...

Wow am I behind, I didn't even know they made this into a movie! Sounds like something I would really enjoy--especially for free!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you're having fun at the movies this weekend!
I'm waiting for the captioned version of Harry Potter to come out...sometime next week, I think. My daughter wants to see you think it would be good for kids to watch (I haven't even seen the previews)?

Thumper said...

Hairspray is probably the only movie aside from Harry Potter I've looked forward to this year. I think we'll see the latter tomorrow, and I may drag the Spouse Thingy to see Hairspray on Friday. Too bad the theater here has icky popcorn, they both seem to scream out for popcorn...

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you this weekend because we went over to Panama City, Florida to visit Tom's older brother and his wife (50th wedding anniversary) and he was career Air Force and they lived in a lot of base housing over the years.

Except they just had two kids.

The movie sounds great. How did you grab a free sneak preview? Lucky you!


pinks & blues girls said...

My cousin used to work at a radio station and we would get free tickets to media night at the movies. Basically, we got to see movies for free a few weeks before they came out. Now I have to wait until the movie opens nationally like everyone else. :(

Glad you like Hairspray! I was a fan of the original version and never saw the Broadway show. I'll have to check out the new movie.

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

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