Monday, November 27, 2006

What a deal

If I hadn't already preferred PetSmart to PetCo, I would certainly be changing my allegiance now. Campbell ran out of dog food this morning, so I had to go get more. After walking up and down the aisles at PetSmart and finding no trace of his usual food, I talked to one of the associates, who discovered that they were no longer going to be carrying it. The manager on duty decided to check the storeroom to see if they had any, and found 1 20-lb. bag and 6 4.5-lb. ones. She gave me a 75% discount!! I walked out with almost 50 pounds of dog food for under $20! Now that's customer service. I'll definitely keep shopping there.

What's the best deal you ever got?


DJG said...

3 babies for the price of one....well sort-of!

Shane Coffman said...

PetsMart isn't dumping the entire Science Diet line, are they?

If so, I'll have one unhappy mountain lion, er, I mean cat.

Rick J said...


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