Sunday, November 05, 2006

Clean team

I have to confess I am not much of a housekeeper. I like a neat house, and can pick up and put things away, but when it comes to actually cleaning, I'm not going to win any awards. Brian, on the other hand, is a cleaning machine. He is good at it. He may not be fast, but I guarantee that if he cleans something, it will be clean when he is done. This little difference we have makes it difficult when it comes to enlisting the kids' help in maintaining household cleanliness. We just don't have the same standards. Nor does he have a wealth of time to spend teaching the kids what he would like to have done. That's why this book looks so appealing:

If you click on the link, you'll be able to see a few pages from the book. The author is selling it in combo with another step-by-step book to help kids clean their bedroom. That's certainly another area we could use some improvement in as well.

I'll be sure to report on it if we decide to try it out.


jettybetty said...

The book sounds WONDERFUL!

I am not a clean machine--and teaching our kids to clean was so difficult. Okay, I'll confess--I did a crummy job.

I will look forward to seeing how this works for ya'll.

Sandy said...

I think I saw that at Knowledgequest and was intrigued. But I've tried so many other "wonderful" things that have failed to work for us over the years that I'm jaded now. Please let me know if you try it- and if it works! Maybe I can find my faith again...

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