Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday stuff

Fun times today... the kids' new math books arrived yesterday afternoon, so Halle and Joel both got to start work in them today (Noah has a couple more lessons to get through before he gets to dive into his new one.). Joel absolutely loved his book; he is doing Math-U-See's Alpha book this year. Halle is doing the Beta one, and Noah will be starting Delta.

Emily is getting ready to go on a 2-night retreat with her school tomorrow. They leave in the morning and will get back by Friday afternoon. It sounds like she will have fun. She plans on playing paintball while there. Sure wish I could see that!

Things are gearing up for Joel's 6th birthday this Friday. He hasn't decided where he wants to eat for dinner yet. I'm guessing he is going to wind up choosing Godfather's Pizza. Maybe we'll go to the movies that evening as well.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like everyone is busy and having fun. My kids would be wild to try paintball. So would my husband, for that matter ;-) We're gearing up for my Little Man's birthday too.

Thanks for visiting, and for your encouragement!

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