Tuesday, September 26, 2006


After a weekend with just me and the kids, I am so happy to have my husband back home. He was up in Sacramento this weekend, doing the moonlighting thing. Then he left straight from work yesterday to go to his lay counselor class in Brentwood. Since he doesn't get home from that until around 10:30, Emily is the only one of the kids who got to see him last night. He's hoping to get off early today so he can get some good daddy-kid time in.

Tonight I have a "parent information night" at Emily's school. This is hosted by her English teacher. Each quarter when they start a new book, she gives parents a chance to find out what the kids will be covering; we will get a handout that shows their reading/quiz/test schedule, plus she'll give a synopsis of the book and go over the themes they'll be discussing. It's a little something to help us have intelligent discussion with our kid over what they're reading. This quarter's book: Romeo and Juliet. The book at the left is the one they are using. Emily said her teacher wasn't thrilled with it, but it was the cheapest edition they could get. Apparently, the "plain English" portion is a bit more descriptive than one might like. After all, we know Shakespeare didn't write kiddie lit!

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