Thursday, September 21, 2006

Book bug

We've had a bit of a busy week around here, what with running one kid to school in the morning and then rushing back home to start our schoolday here. Add to that various other commitments (gymnastics, Wed. evening church, grocery shopping, etc.) I keep meeting myself coming and going, it seems. I'm hoping for a more relaxed weekend. It should be, since I won't need to get groceries or run any other major errands that I can think of. It will be lovely if we can just sit right here until time to go to church on Sunday morning.

I was talking to a friend on the phone today about going to Barnes & Noble the other night and not buying anything... and wishing I had. (We're watching our spending a little bit right now.) She came up with a great idea for those of us who want to read Christian literature (fiction or nonfiction), which is often nearly impossible to find in public libraries. Wouldn't it be cool if someone developed a rental system for these books kind of like the one NetFlix and have developed for movies? I think that would totally rock! Then if you really liked the book and wanted to spend the money on it, you could buy it. Sure could save someone for feeling like they wasted good money on a bad read. So who's going to start up this enterprise?

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jettybetty said...

That is such a terrific idea--I've been really watching how many books I buy, too--I've been using the church library and the public library near me--and I get lots of them--but not all.

Are you up to starting it? It might not have to be all that complex. Anyone that was interested could just put 10 books they were willing to share--and then never keep more than 12--we might keep them moving around? All it would cost is the shipping? (Peculiar People will cost a bunch to ship ;-)!!

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