Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday night already?

Where did the weekend go?? While it was a productive one, filled with good things (time spent with the kids, necessary chores, stock-up shopping at CostCo), it sure seems like it went by quickly! Can't even begin to remember all the things that have happened since I last posted, other than school and chores.

Ah, Back to School Night... that was the big thing since my last post. We were able to meet most of Emily's teachers that night and would have met all of them if we had stayed longer. We had no idea when we went what the exact makeup of the night was going to be, or how long it would last. Basically, it was from 6:30 to 9, where the last hour or so was spent following your child's schedule; each "class" lasted about 10 minutes. We "skipped" choir and PE, her last 2 classes of the day. It was after 8:30 and no one in the family had had dinner. But we were very impressed with most of her teachers, and I (being the geek I am) found myself wishing I could go back to school there.

Not much else happened the rest of the week, but we had a very nice lunch today after church. We were lucky to catch another family with no plans for lunch and they turned us on to a great Chinese restaurant, Tao San Jin. Definitely the best Chinese food we've had since moving out here. I can see it becoming a regular hangout.

Sorry it's been so boring around the blog lately. I'll try to remedy that soon.

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