Wednesday, February 06, 2013

February 6, 2013 Daybook


Outside my window it is dark and foggy. I have already received tweets regarding driving conditions in the fog, so I know I will need to be extra careful later when taking the kids to school. I like fog, though... I think it's pretty.

I am thinking about decluttering and reorganizing the kitchen and bathroom drawers. They get disorganized so fast! 

I am thankful to have Emily, Jake, and Cora nearby. Love spending time with them, watching Emily with Cora, and getting a little Cora time for myself. Was also fun last night to see Noah holding her. 

In the kitchen it's too early to have anything going on. It is mostly cleaned up from our dinner last night. For some reason, a clean kitchen helps the whole house feel more peaceful. Maybe it's because it is the first room we see when we come in from the garage, or because it is open to the family/TV room. At any rate, if no other room in the house gets clean, that is the one we try to keep up the most.

I am wearing navy blue pants and tunic top. Bare feet.

I am reading the first 8 chapters of Luke with a small group of ladies from Twickenham and the Good Morning Girls group online. It is my first experience using the SOAP method of study, and I feel like I am getting more from my Bible reading than I used to. On my KIndle, I am still working my way mostly chronologically through the books I've added (I have over 1200 books, the majority of which were ones offered free from Amazon at one time or another). I'm up to February 2012 and just started a short middle-grade novel called It's a Little Haywire, by Elle Strauss.

I am hoping I do more than just plan to get things done today, but actually do them. 

I am looking forward to ordering a glider/recliner for the family room. Found one I really like yesterday at a local baby store and we'll be ordering it later this month.

Around the house it is very quiet. Everyone else is sleeping, except for Brian, who left for work before I got up. 

I am pondering how much better I feel now that I am no longer taking Lexapro. It served its purpose for a time, but it's no longer necessary. I seem to be more in touch with my feelings now and it makes a huge difference to me.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Halle and I are taking a "cakeling" class from a local baker/cake decorator this Saturday. Heather at Slice at a Time is offering a class this Saturday where each person gets to make a mini fondant-covered cake in a Valentine's Day theme. Heather made the cakes for Emily's wedding reception last summer.  I'm looking forward to spending time with Halle learning something new.

A peek into my day: the latest Cora picture from Emily's Facebook page.

Explaining her nefarious scheme to overthrow the gov't.

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Lisa notes... said...

"I am hoping I do more than just plan to get things done today, but actually do them."

This made me lol. I relate. I'm great at the planning phase.

You are making me want my own grandchild. :-) But I need to put the brakes on that wish cuz it ain't happening yet! ha. At least as far as I know... Enjoy sweet Cora!

Zoanna said...

Hi there! I'm stopping by Simple Woman's Daybook. From reading this post and your sidebar, it seems we have a few things in common. I, too, am a 40-something former homeschooler, mother of 4 who loves her dogs. I, too, am getting more out of Bible study with a newfound method, and I, too, can relate to feeling more in touch with myself after coming off Lexapro. It was what I needed for a season of life, but it's been a good two years without it. The main difference is that I feel the highs of life and lows more normally, not being at a constant midlevel where life was just so-so feeling. But so much better than "bottoming out" like I was in my late 30's/early 40's. Okay. That was a rather long and personal first time cooment:)

jennifer anderson said...

happy blogging! i came here from the swd.

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