Friday, February 01, 2013


So last weekend, the not-so-newlyweds took their 2 week-old daughter and moved into their own place. This grandma is glad that the new place is barely half a mile down the road. They found a 2BR apartment nearby with great amenities (washer and dryer in the apt., for one) and very reasonable rent. I am so glad they have a place of their own now, but it feels a little strange having them gone. I miss seeing Cora every day, but Emily does drop by every other day or two, so I'm still getting some snuggle time with her. Can't believe she is 3 weeks old today! I took this picture near the end of her visit today:

We finally got around to taking Noah to take his driver's exam this week. Now he has his license, so will be able to drive himself to work. This is a very good thing, especially since they like him to close (which means working till 1-2am). I believe we may be finding him a good used car this weekend. Let me rephrase that: I really hope we find him a car tomorrow. Sunday night he is scheduled to work very late... 9pm-3am.  I would be totally useless on Monday if I had to get up at 2:40 to pick him up. The chances of me getting good sleep after getting back home would be next to none.

Oh, and before I forget: I was blessed enough to get to hear Karen Kingsbury speak this past Thursday. My dear husband was thoughtful enough to buy us tickets for a scholarship fundraising luncheon at Samford University, where he teaches part-time in the fall. Afterwards, I was able to meet her. We had conversed briefly on Twitter the night before, so she knew I was going to be there. The photographic evidence is too blurry to post, but I do have her autograph inside my Bible study notebook. She is so down-to-earth... and lives less than 2 hours from here, outside of Nashville. Wish we could just plan to meet for lunch some day!

Winding down my computer time tonight... need to work on menu and grocery list for the next week. It will be interesting to see how our food bill changes now there are 2 less people in the house.

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